I’m peering through bloodshot eyes at a too-bright computer screen, wondering what on earth to type. I’m caught between no one is interested in what you have to say and you just need to get it… Continue reading

The Return

It has been so long. I wish I could write the words that would tell you I am healthy, happy, and living my life fully in this beautiful world. Know that I am not.… Continue reading

I Am Here

It’s been three weeks since I’ve moved to London. Twenty-one days: four hundred and ninety three hours: nearly thirty thousand seconds. It doesn’t seem much once you break it down. I’m coming to… Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Two years ago, on this day, something compelled me to keep an online diary. I don’t know whether I was feeling particularly morose after another anniversary of the quasi-international disaster of 9/11. Maybe… Continue reading


My darlings, I’m back and I have much to tell you. Just last week I travelled to the Netherlands with my friend. She is moving there to attend university, since the recently tripled… Continue reading


Come on Jo. You can fight this. I’m slumped at my friend’s kitchen table, trying to knock away the thoughts, trying to brush them off – they’re all trying to sink sharp, dank… Continue reading


I have once again packed myself into a few dozen two-by-two cardboard boxes and moved. Same story, different location. I’m in limbo now, on a friend’s couch, curled into the corner of their… Continue reading


I’m sorry. Recently, a friendship has fractured and broken: seemingly irreparably. One of the points of malcontent stemmed from the information I revealed about myself on this blog. She uncovered more of the… Continue reading

Day 3

[TW] Down the toilet … literally. It was to be expected. After all, bad things do come in threes.

Day 2

I never noticed – this ceiling is a pale blue, the walls white-washed. I never noticed. It’s like floating in clouds. My breath is catching. The mania has seeped away in my sleep: replaced with… Continue reading